Advanced hydration, in 10 minutes


Advanced hydration, in 10 minutes

Hydrated skin, is always in

A revolution in advanced hydration is here.

Introducing our NEW Hydrating Sheet Mask

Navigating the world of sheet masks can be a challenge. There are a million different ones circulating the market at any one time. You check the ingredients, but they sound like something out of a long-forgotten chemistry class.

Just because something sounds fancy doesn't make it good for your skin. That's where the Bali Body sheet mask comes in – it's our focus on active ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin that makes us different.

Join us as we explore the concentrated active ingredients inside our new new 10-minute skin saviour.

Ingredient breakdown

Through the development stage of our Hydrating Sheet Mask, we prioritised the formula to be actively ingredient-focused. 

Infused with a concentrated percentage of multiple active ingredients, discover more about just what is inside this 10-minute skin saviour.


Dubbed the wonder active of our generation, Niacinamide really does encompass the best of the best for our skin. Including Niacinamide into your skincare routine has been scientifically proven to increase the skin’s barrier function when it encounters environmental factors. What exactly does this mean? This means a decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - I mean yes please! 

Niacinamide has also been shown to decrease hyperpigmentation and skin blotchiness. Through its antioxidant capabilities, niacinamide applied topically inhibits oxidative processes, which results in  the production of Amadori products. You may recognise Amadori products as the yellow-brown coloured pigmentation on our face that develops as a direct response to oxidative stress as we age, (no thanks!).

Hyaluronic Acid

Is the hype on Hyaluronic Acid a thing? It certainly is! And we explain why here.

A humectant in form, Hyaluronic Acid or HA is capable of binding over one thousand times its weight in water. Why is this beneficial to us and our skin? As we age, the production of key substances and minerals in our skin, including elastin and collagen, decrease. Therefore, sadly, we inevitably begin to lose hydration, plumpness and volume.

Not only beneficial beneath the skin’s surface, HA can also provide an extremely dewy and moisturised feel to the skin, perfect for the warmer months or to aid in combating general puffiness and inflammation. 

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Although not formally recognised as a skincare active ingredient, there are loads of researched benefits that support the effectiveness of applying hydrolysed collagen topically.

Being proud of our cruelty-free ethos, the collagen in our products are derived from plant based sources, as opposed to animal derivatives.


Why is it so good?


As we always preach - hydrated skin, is always in. If your complexion is feeling dry and damaged, or lacking plumpness and moisture from extracurricular activities such as flying or excessive sun exposure, then this is the hydration injection you will want to get your hands on - stat!

Anti ageing

As supported above, there are few sheet masks available that offer more than one key active ingredient in their formulas. We have developed our mask to include at least two active ingredients, and another supporting key ingredient. Niacinamide and HA are renowned for their anti-ageing benefits, as well as hydrolyzed collagen. This may now be the quickest and easiest way to get your daily dose of active, result-driven skincare and hydration in under 10 minutes.

Excess mask

What does this mean? This means that we have developed the mask to ensure that there is excess product within the packaging and sheet. This allows you to be able to utilise this product to massage down your neck, decolletage, back of hands, etc. In this case, less certainly is NOT more!


How to use

Apply the sheet mask directly to clean skin and leave on for 10 - 15 minutes.

Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into the face, neck and decolletage.

Best utilised any time of the day, this mask can be used pre-makeup application to provide the perfect, dewy base. Alternatively, it can be used in the evenings following your nightly cleanse and can help minimise the steps in your overall skincare routine. 

Best paired with..

The incredible thing about this hydrating sheet mask is that it is suitable for all skin types, making it even more viable to keep a few handy in the beauty cupboard at home!

Best paired with a vino and your favourite book, we also recommend using our luxurious In Shower Body Oil and Body Scrub in your pre-pamper soak to complete your at home spa day.

How do I get my hands on one?

Whether it's for a loved one, a bff or a gift to yourself, this sheet mask is sure to be your new beauty staple.

The best news? They are available now, worldwide via our website.

So whatever your preference, take time for yourself and experience the difference with our NEW Hydrating Sheet Mask.

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