Best Tanning Lotions With SPF

Get a glowing tan with Bali Body suntan lotions

It might officially be winter in Israel but we know you’re still topping up your tan every time a nice sunny day comes along.

Whether you’re at home chasing your deepest tan or on vacay in Mexico enjoying the sunshine and tacos, a good suntan lotion is essential. Here is our round up of the best tanning lotions with SPF included for ultimate hydration and glow.

Sadly not all tanning lotions are created equally, and some can leave your skin drier than it was before you started. The secret to Bali Body’s tanning lotions is that they add to the natural oils in your skin - rather than stripping them away - while also giving you a sun-kissed glow and the protection you need after a few sunless months.

Watermelon Tanning Oil - Available in SPF6 and SPF15

From your fridge to your tanning lotion. Watermelon is loaded with all the goodness your skin needs to rejuvenate its elasticity and lock in moisture. This sell out tanning lotion also works to boost your natural production of melanin for your best bronzed glow yet. The bonus? it comes in two SPF options because a good tan is a safe one. If a deep tan is your thing and you love the smell of this sweet summer fruit, opt for the bright pink Bali Body tanning lotion bottle. It wont disappoint.

Cacao Tanning Oil - Available in SPF6 and SPF15

An instant hit of bronzed colour - check, ultimate hydration - check, natural & vegan - check, SPF protection - double check. The Cacao Tanning Oil has it all. Recommended for babes who love the subtle smell of chocolate and prefer a hint of extra glow while they tan. Enriched with coconut oil for deep hydration while still getting you that perfect Bali Body tan. Stock up on this vacay essential today.

Pineapple Tanning Oil - Available in SPF6 and SPF15

Inspired by summer days, our Pineapple Tanning Oil comes in SPF6 and SPF15. Full of pineapple extract & coconut oil, this tanning lotion will give your skin a deep sun-kissed glow while naturally repairing uneven skin tone and firming the skin. If you’re prone to dry skin more than normal, this yellow sun-tanning tool will change your tanning game. Say hello to hydrated, bronzed skin and zero sunburn or dryness with this bottle of sun tan goodness.

Natural Tanning & Body Oil - Available in SPF6 and SPF15

Meet BB Gold, the ultimate multi-tasker. This tanning lotion is not only a sensitive babes best friend but it can also be used at the beach or in the bath. Like the rest of our tanning oils, this one comes with either SPF6 or SPF15, depending on your sun protection preference. It is guaranteed to give your skin a deep sun-kissed glow while naturally hydrating & replenishing the skin.

#BBProTip: Lather BB Gold on in the shower for silky smooth skin! It’s the multi-tasking product you didn't even know you needed until now.

Now you’re stocked up on the best SPF tanning lotions, you’re ready to hit the beach. Will it be Tel Aviv or Eilat today? 

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