The Benefits of our NEW Face Tan Mist


The Benefits of our NEW Face Tan Mist

How you'll achieve an effortless glow

Experience effortless radiance with our New Face Tan Mist. This innovative redesigned Face Tan offers a range of benefits that will revolutionise your self-tanning routine. From easy application to a water-based formula and nourishing ingredients, our Face Tan Mist promises to deliver a flawless and natural-looking glow. Discover the benefits below: 

Easy application

Applying a face tan has never been easier with our Face Tan Mist. Designed with a 360-degree nozzle and micro-mist technology this super fine spray will leave you with a perfectly even and bronzed complexion without needing to use your hands to blend the product in, this fool-proof application really is as simple as spray and go! 

Water-based formula

The same iconic formula as our Face Tan Water, this product sprays on clear so you can apply it in the morning and leave the house while it gradually develops throughout the day, or apply it at night with absolutely no worry of transfer on your pillow or sheets! 

Enriched with skin loving ingredients 

This formula is enriched with nourishing oils and key ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and soothing rosewater to leave your skin nourished and hydrated with every spritz. Adding our Face Tan Mist to your skincare routine will ensure you have healthy and glowing skin all year round. 

Available in 2 shades 

Matching your face tan to your body tan can be a challenging task, so we have made our Face Tan Mist available in two shades to pair perfectly with our iconic Self Tan Mousses. If you're an avid user of our Original Dark Self Tan Mousse or 1 Hour Express then shade Dark will be for you, or if you're more of an Ultra Dark Self Tan gal then the shade Ultra Dark will be your best choice. These shades are designed to colour match the mousses perfectly in just 1 application. 

Elevate your tanning game with our new Face Tan Mist. Enjoy the simplicity of its application, the convenience of its water-based formula, and the nourishing benefits of its ingredients. With two perfectly matched shades available, achieving a seamless tan has never been easier. Shop here. 

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